09 April 2014

Special Meeting of the USU Board

Special Meeting of the USU Board

There will be a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors on Thursday, 17th April 2014 in the MacCallum Cullen Room at 1pm. The Special Resolution pertaining to Vice President Tom Raue will be considered at this meeting. The Motion is as follows:

Special Resolution 1: That Vice President Tom Raue is guilty of misconduct and, pursuant to cl 3.1.4(a) of the University of Sydney Union’s Regulations, ceases to hold the offices of Vice President and director of the University of Sydney Union with immediate effect.

There will be an in camera discussion at the beginning of the meeting pertaining to unrelated confidential business. 

The motion concerning the Vice President will be deliberated at 1.30pm. 

24 March 2014

Clubs Carnival this Wednesday 26th March

The Education Officers of the SRC have organised a Clubs Carnival as part of the various activities planned for the National Day of Action this Wednesday 26th March.

The event will feature Clubs & Societies, SRC collectives and students from all different corners of the university community coming together to defend our education, student life and the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

The Union Board of Directors are constitutionally bound to support Universal Student Unionism and while this is no longer in place post-Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) being introduced, we actively engage with discussions and campaigns that involve the SSAF. The Union is one of the many student organisations at the University of Sydney that receives money from the SSAF, which has assisted us in extending the events and programs we offer to students. Which includes events like Interfaith Week, also happening this week. This year the Union has produced a booklet detailing what the SSAF is and where it goes, you can find a digital copy by clicking here.

The SSAF is misunderstood, just as Compulsory Student Unionism was before it. This form of government funding allows student organisations to engage with all students, not just a select few. Many student organisations have faced difficult times since 2006 when the Federal Government introduced VSU legislation, with many making cuts to their programs and in some cases dissolving. Student organisations at the University of Sydney have been lucky, but if the SSAF is repealed, our luck might just run out.

For more information about the Clubs Carnival or if you wish to get involved, contact either myself, Eleanor Morley or Ridah Hassan for further information.

Robby Magyar
Board Director

Contact details:

Robby – r.magyar@usu.usyd.edu.au
Eleanor and Ridah - education.officers@src.usyd.edu.au

17 March 2014

Transparency Review + Upcoming Members Forum

The USU Board of Directors is compiling a comprehensive review of its level of transparency and accountability mechanisms in response to member concerns. 

We will be holding a members forum on Wednesday 26th of March in the MacCallum Cullen Room, Holme Building from 5 - 7pm to canvass members opinions on a variety of processes related to transparency. 

If you have an opinion on: 
  • Tweeting #usuboard meetings
  • Complaint’s processes and member consultation 
  • Board and Honi: friend or foe?
  • Whether anyone even reads this ancient blog?  
Then we want to hear from you! 

The forum will be loosely divided into two main areas: 
  1. What information would you like communicated to members? 
  2. How would you like the information to be communicated
The full agenda is linked here and below. In addition, we have prepared a discussion paper on current practice around transparency in the USU. The discussion paper is there to allow members to attend the forum having already thought about some of the issues at hand. However, the discussion paper is not meant to limit discussion or issues raised at the forum itself in any way. 

Hope to see you on the 26th. 

Bebe D’Souza and Tara Waniganayaka
Board Directors 

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at: