20 October 2011

University of Sydney Union cease sale of tobacco

Dear Union Members,

The University of Sydney Union has recently ceased the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products through its outlets as part of the USU Board’s commitment to a healthy campus environment.

The move comes ahead of a pending decision on the University’s ‘smoke-free’ campus policy proposal, which will go to the University Senate later this month.

The USU has requested an opportunity to consult with the University prior to the final policy goes to Senate on 31 October. We are seeking to maintain designated smoking areas for patrons at Hermann’s and Manning Bar, particularly during enclosed events. You can see our previous post detailing this request here. We are yet to hear a response from the University.

The USU will provide assistance to any customers seeking locations of alternative local tobacco suppliers.

Please let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below.

Yours sincerely,

Sibella Matthews

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