30 July 2013

Upcoming Start of Semester Party

The USU Board acknowledges that the now re-themed 'Day of the Dead' Start of Semester Party caused significant concern for a large segment of our community who found the event offensive.  We apologise unreservedly and have taken steps to ensure that such cultural insensitivity will not be repeated. 
Cultural appropriation is a topic which has generated significant discussion among the student body. We agree it is an important topic, and one we wish to explore further through a public panel forum that will feature academics and experts of the field.  
The forum will be held in two weeks’ time and will explore the topic in general; focus on some recent events; and assist in the development of guidelines to inform the planning and development of future events. 
The USU board are committed to ensuring that our programs are in line with the USU's values outlined in our Constitution and policies.
Last year, the USU Board added a themed party program to its event schedule. The change has overseen marked improvements in attendance and student interest in USU parties. It is an important program which will be reviewed annually. 
Please watch this space for more information on the forum. 

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