19 September 2011

SUPERCAUSE: The Intercol Charity Informal at Manning this Wednesday!

What’s that in the bar?! Is it a non-charitable event!?! Is it the VC?!!?

No, it’s SUPERCAUSE!!!!

The Inaugural Intercol Charity Informal, SUPERCAUSE, is the kryptonite to your studious Wednesday night, the Spidey to your senses and the Lois Lane to your Clark Kent.

SUPERCAUSE hopes to raise $15 000 for the charity Camp Quality, and it needs you to be a Wonder Woman or a Super Man to do so.

Camp Quality is a not-for-profit organisation that provides for and cares for children living with cancer through education programs, family support, hospital help, and recreational activities. The InterCol Social Committee have donned their best lyrca onesies to give back to a sensational charity, full of everyday super heroes.

The InterCol Social Committee is made up of representatives from all of USyd’s colleges and they work tirelessly to organise events throughout the year. This year they’ve decided to make like Professor X and wheel in to Manning. For months they’ve been hard at work sourcing internationally renowned and up-and-coming stars, with an incredible line-up of bands and DJs to keep you entertained.

The night includes a DJ set from the Bag Raiders, acclaimed USU Band Comp entrants, RUFUS and Louis London, Romulus, Remus and the Wolf and DJ Apple Jack. HOLY CRICKETS THAT’S GOOD! 

If you thought it didn’t get any better, you were wrong, like George Clooney when he found out Uma Thurman would be playing Poison Ivy. The Best Dressed Super Hero of the night will win a bar tab for the night!

Tickets are just $30 and all proceeds from the event go towards enabling two family fun days, where around 200 families will visit Luna Park to ride the Rotor, commandeer the Pirate Ship and race down the slides. Tickets are now on sale at the Access Desk (middle level, Manning) or online.

Make sure you’ve refueled your jetpack and ironed your outside-undies, ‘cause the party starts at 7pm this Wednesday (21 September) at Manning Bar.

DATE: 7pm Wednesday 21 September
VENUE: Manning Bar
DRESS: Super Hero

For further information visit the Facebook event page.

Jacqui Munro
Honorary Secretary

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