26 March 2012

Come to the inagural meeting of the USU Interfaith Council!

Thursday March 29th, the University of Sydney will have its inaugural meeting of The USU Interfaith Council. If the members of the Council can work together to achieve sound results for students, it should be a lasting institution at the University. 
Below you will find the program proposal and resolution which the board voted unanimously in favour of at its meeting in October 2011. It was heartening to see student representatives showing consensus in support of a measure which would support religious diversity, freedom and representation on campus.  
The council itself has only been able to come into fruition through the hard work of many people. There has been lobbying by many students on campus for many years, members of the USU programs department have been immensely supportive and the Interfaith Directors have played a strong hand in ensuring the delivery of the council as a forum for students to express their faith on campus.
The Interfaith Council will achieve a number objectives as outlined in the document attached. There is no doubt that the members of the council can look forward to making a valuable contribution to the life of the student body.
Mina Nada
Board Director

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