20 March 2013

Thrift Shop at Manning - 99c goes a long way

Last Thursday, Manning Bar put on a hell of a party. Thrift Shop, the first of our two themed events for the semester, saw USYD students embrace the hipster craze.

The event came on the back of a review of USU Parties carried out by Board Directors Sophie Stanton and John Harding-Easson.

In November, the party schedule was revitalised by replacing Beachball and Snowball with themes that were more in line with what students wanted.

Members were encouraged to hop online and vote for their favourite party theme. Over 200 students voted on Facebook, with Thrift Shop coming out on top.

Manning packed in over 1300 op-shoppers to hear our five acts including Tyler Touche.

If you couldn’t make it, check out this cool video put together by our Marketing team:


If you were there, see if you’re in our Facebook album and get tagging!


Don't forget to dig up your old school uniform for the Back to School Party (the second most voted-for theme) this Thursday. There are plenty of best-dressed prizes to set you up for the school year ahead.


See you there! 

The Board of Directors
University of Sydney Union

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