11 October 2013

University of Sydney 2013 Senate Elections

What is the University’s Senate?
The Senate is the governing authority of the University of Sydney and oversees all major decisions concerning the conduct of the University, including staff appointments and welfare, student welfare and discipline, financial matters and the physical and academic development of the University. It awards all degrees and diplomas and is responsible to the Parliament of NSW.

The senate is made up of 22 Fellows, some who are appointed by the Government and others elected by members of the University community such as graduates, staff and students.

Who is Unify?
Unify is a group of Alumni who have combined to run for Senate together under the same core policies, which include fighting for a fully independent and viable USU.

Unify is made up of: Jane Spring (CEO NSWIS), Bruce McWilliam (Commercial Director, Seven Network), Peter FitzSimons (writer and columnist), Verity Firth (former Minister for Education) and Peter King (former UNESCO Chairman).

Jane Spring and Peter Fitzsimons are current Fellows seeking re-election.

Who is USUAF?
The USU Alumni and Friends association (USUAF) is one of the University’s 40 alumni chapters and was founded in the 1990’s specifically to help us prepare to fight against VSU (which, the first time round when we won). Subsequently, the USUAF has provided invaluable assistance over a range of issues including fundraising and lobbying, particularly in relation to VSU and SSAF.

USUAF are supporting Unify in their campaign.

Why was a Unify Member Mail sent on Wednesday (9 Oct) afternoon?
The USUAF sent an email to create awareness about the Unify ticket and its strong support for an ongoing independent and viable USU. Unify has also expressed strong support for the ongoing independence and viability of the SRC, SUPRA, CSG and SUSF.

Who can vote in the Senate election?
Only graduates of the University of Sydney can vote in the Senate elections. Undergraduates are not able to vote. We apologise for the confusion caused as a result of the special Member Mail sent on Wednesday.

How can I vote in the Senate Election?
If you are a graduate you should receive your ballot papers in the mail, which were posted on Wednesday 9 Oct. To ensure your details are up to date, you should contact the Alumni Office.

Where do I get more information about the candidates?

This information and more is available on the University’s website.

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