06 November 2013

Queer Review Report

In my capacity as the Queer Portfolio Holder of the USU Board of Directors, I have been conducting a Queer Representation, Engagement and Leadership Review to update, improve and extend what we offer to the queer community at the University of Sydney. This has been an ongoing project that I have conducted whilst working on other Board projects, such as the Programs Review that Tim Matthews blogged about last week.

It is hoped that this review, and the thirty odd recommendations contained within, will help change the way queer students engage with the USU and make our service offerings much more relevant and supportive. Members have been consulted at every point of this review, be it at the series of forums hosted during Pride Week or in discussions with queer leaders on campus. This review has been produced by and for queer students.

Please read the report and if you have any questions, concerns or general comments, please send in a written submission to r.magyar@usu.usyd.edu.au by Friday 15th November.

In you email, please indicate whether you wish to submit anonymously, as these submissions will be included in the final report tabled for discussion at the Board meeting on Friday 29th November.

Please be constructive in your responses.

Robby Magyar
Queer Portfolio Holder of the USU Board of Directors

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