17 March 2014

USU Board Statement on Supreme Court Ruling in Raue v Morris and ors.

Today the Supreme Court of NSW issued its decision against the application of Vice President Tom Raue in the case of Raue v Morris and ors.

Read the court's judgement here: http://www.caselaw.nsw.gov.au/action/PJUDG?jgmtid=170125

A statement from USU Board Executive members Hannah Morris, Sophie Stanton and John Harding-Easson:

While we are disappointed that defending the court action brought by Tom Raue expended time, effort and resources of the USU that could have been spent enriching the student experience at the University of Sydney, we are satisfied with the conclusion of this matter.

As movers of the original motion to the Board we maintained we were acting in accordance with the powers provided to the Board within our Constitution and Regulations.  It has been upheld by the Supreme Court of New South Wales that such action is in accordance with the powers conferred on the Board pursuant to the Constitution and Regulations.

The Supreme Court has also issued a costs order against Tom Raue with respect to the litigation. The current USU Board is considering its options in this regard.

The USU Board will carefully consider the court's decision and will update USU members shortly on any new developments, if any and where applicable.

Please note that the above statement represents the comments and personal opinions of the USU Board Executive members only (excluding Tom Raue) and in no way reflects or represents the position, official or otherwise, of the other Board Directors nor the USU as an organisation.  In any future developments we stress that the Board will, at the relevant time, consider its options based on the evidence available and merits of the situation and that Board Directors will be entitled to have their say in accordance with due process and procedural fairness.

Yours sincerely,

Hannah Morris
Sophie Stanton
John Harding-Easson

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