20 May 2011

Election Day – Wednesday 25 May!

Get excited! The USU Elections are almost here. Join us on Wednesday 25 May to cast your deciding vote on USU Election Day. Ten candidates are vying for six places on the USU Board - this is your chance to decide who you want leading the USU. As a reward for your zeal for student democracy, voters will receive a free, $5 meal voucher courtesy of the USU.*

Student leadership lets the USU provide the campus with one of the best student experiences in the country. It’s important that students are given the right to govern and help direct the services and programs that benefit fellow students and the entire campus community. Who knows students better than… students?

With this is in mind, the USU is running a brief, one-question poll on the University negotiations to allow members to show their support for the future of this great Union. After casting your vote for the candidates, please take the opportunity to complete this survey question; it will take less than a minute!

The survey will appear in the following form:

The University and the USU are presently engaged in negotiations that will direct the future of the USU and the services it currently provides. The USU runs a range of commercial services for the campus community, including food and retail outlets, the bars and entertainment, as well as a number of student services such as Clubs and Societies, student leadership positions, regular events, competitions and other initiatives. As the future of the Union and its responsibility for these programs and services continues to be negotiated we want to know your feelings. 
The USU Board of Directors is concerned that this model will compromise the Union’s independence and the quality of both the commercial operations and the student experience on campus. The Board is also concerned with the loss of student control of buildings (Manning, Holme and Wentworth) that USU members have funded and run for many years. 
Do you agree that the USU should retain full control over its commercial operations, student experience and buildings? 
Agree/ Disagree

 For Information on Polling locations and times, click here.

*conditions apply

Hermann’s Party
Once all the votes have been cast, Hermann’s Bar will play host to the official Election Night Party. Kicking off at 7.30pm, with free entertainment, the Election Night Party is the place to be when the results are officially announced. More info.

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