04 July 2011

Greetings From The New Executive

Last Thursday marked the end of an executive team and the start of a new one. President David Mann moves into the position of Immediate Past President while Melissa Brooks and Giorgia Rossi complete their terms on board as Vice President and Honorary Treasurer respectively.

In their place, the board has elected Sibella Matthews as President, Alistair Stephenson as Vice President, Benjamin Tang as Honorary Treasurer and Jacqui Munro as Honorary Secretary.

We are all honoured to have been entrusted with the responsibility of leading Australia’s number 1 student experience through the next year. The USU has overcome great hurdles in its long and proud history; even through VSU, we have stayed strong to deliver one of the country’s most robust student experiences.

We are excited to start work with the newly-elected board directors. Over the next few days, they will commence their induction as we prepare for the new term.

We’re going to work harder than ever to keep our members updated with all of our progress. For now though, we hope you all enjoy your semester break!

Love from your 2011-2012 Executive

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