16 April 2012

Coffee Tender Update

The University of Sydney Union has begun the process for selecting a Hot Beverage Supply Contract from 2013 and beyond. The USU’s Fair Trade Working Party, established in 2010, will oversee this process and report its recommendations to the USU Board.

At the most recent Board Meeting, the USU decided that the coffee supplier tender process will call for socially responsible offers only. This reflects the Board’s commitment to contracting with a socially responsible coffee and tea producer.

The defintion of whether a supplier is “socially responsible” will be determined based on the supplier’s accreditation, such as Fair Trade Certification, as well as through the Tertiary Access Group Flag - a thorough corporate social responsibility evaluation to determine the company’s commitment to sustainable and ethical production.

We will be update the blog with information on the process, and welcome your thoughts. Please leave your comments and questions below.

Yours sincerely,

Sibella Matthews
USU President


  1. Woo more wasted money

  2. What does "socially responsible" even mean? How do we know that you won't just choose a dodgy certification like Rainforest Alliance which doesn't set any labour standards?

  3. Thanks for your questions. The Tertiary Access Group Flag is a far-reaching evaluation of corporate social responsibility which includes both environmental and labour impacts. You can read more about it here: http://www.tertiaryaccessgroup.com.au/about-us/tag-flag-our-csr-policy/

  4. Buy an Australian grown coffee or a quality estate coffee.