16 April 2012

A rear-view review of Revue Season – Comedy. Music. Nudity.

Yea, look... I know the title was a bit over the top... I may have gotten just a little carried away...

BUT, with Revue Season on the horizon, it’s hard not to be overly excited and to start to let those creative juices flow. So, what are you waiting for – keep reading to see how you can get involved in the 2012 Revues!

Here are some FAQs!

So... What is a revue?
Revues are student-led comedy performances that integrate singing, dancing, sketches and rampant nudity into one mammary-filled, pecker-packed night. Okay, there isn’t actually that much nudity... But, all the scenes, songs and dances are wholly student-devised and the shows are a whole lot of fun to be part of. Most faculties have a revue society and go on revue camps, have crazy parties and get together to rehearse their awesome shows which take to the many stages of the university in second semester each year. Some of them have a ‘clear’ story line and some are just a series of sketches based around a theme. Either way, they are always entertaining, hilarious and impressive.

That sounds awesome Shane... But!... How do I get involved?
Thanks for asking. Regardless of what you are studying and who you are, there is sure to be at least one revue for you. To get involved, you should CLICK HEREBy clicking here you can check out the facebook pages for each revue. If you shoot them a message, a very nice Revue producer or director will reply to you letting you know when the auditions for the next revues are. You can get involved as an ACTOR, SINGER, DANCER, BACKSTAGE, BAND PLAYER OR DIRECTOR/PRODUCER (if you’re really keen and have been at it for a while).

What Revues are there to join?

   Arts Revue
   Law Revue
   Queer Revue
   Jew Revue
   Women's Revue

These links above will take you to the 2011 pages. They should be updated soon!

What if I just want to watch them?
Well, tickets are very affordable and you’re sure to get value for money. I’d say you’re looking at at least 200 laughs in a show. So, doing the maths on those numbers, you’re probably looking at somewhere around ‘20 laughs/$’ (5 cents a laugh) for most shows. Not bad... Keep checking out the website and the facebook pages for the up and coming revues. AND, you get a discount with your super-handy Access card to all revues and shows as well! Blimey!

So, GET INVOLVED! Join a cast, see a show and tell your friends!
Because, revue season is just one quick wardrobe malfunction away...

Shane Treeves
Board Director

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