26 October 2012

Affirmative Action Consultation Forum

After the approval of the 2012 Affirmative Action Review prepared by Women’s Portfolio Holder Hannah Morris, the USU Board would like to carry out further consultation with members to develop any further actions to be brought to the November Board Meeting.
The USU Board recognises that we are a membership organisation and invite all members to share their opinions and thoughts in advising the Board.

We will be holding a Consultation Forum this Thursday, 1st November to provide a safe space for debate on the topic.
Details are:
Autonomous Discussion:
4-5pm, Women’s Room. Level 1, Manning House.
Followed by,
General Discussion: 5-6pm, MacCallum Room. Level 2, Holme Building.
The agenda for both discussions will be related to the four areas of the review, as follows:
1.      Affirmative Action in the USU’s Board of Directors
2.      Affirmative Action and female representation in the USU’s Student Leadership Program and the Clubs and Societies Program
3.      The USU’s existing structures promoting and recognizing Women’s leadership
4.      The USU’s communication strategy surrounding the promotion of women’s leadership and Affirmative Action
5.      Other matters for noting (time permitting)

Please find the USU Affirmative Action Consultative Paper which contains substantive findings from the Affirmative Action Review here: 2012 Affirmative Action Consultative Paper
We invite you to read this paper and provide us with submissions on the issues pertaining to each section. Your submissions can include any proposed models addressing the issues, ideas or comments on the findings. These submissions can be anonymous or you may include your name. Additionally, if you would like any part of your submission to be directly referenced at the Consultation Forums, please indicate if you would like it to be done so anonymously.
Please email any submissions to the Women’s Portfolio Holder at h.morris@usu.usyd.edu.au by 4pm on Thursday, 1st November.
Come along to the event in the spirit of respect and open debate. The USU began as Debating Society after all.

Yours sincerely,

Board of Directors

University of Sydney Union