17 October 2012


Dear membership and friends of the USU,

Last week your Union continued one of its oldest and richest traditions, by launching the latest edition of Hermes (pronounced her-mees, not er-mez).

Hermes, is Australia’s oldest literary journal, which has been produced by students since 1886. Whilst Hermes is a product of students here at the University of Sydney, its international reputation and remarkable heritage means that it is revered in literary circles across this land and abroad.

This year, Jackson Busse, Gabriela Edelstein, Kate Farrell and Chenoa Fawn have composed an edition themed ‘Odyssey’. In their prologue, they say that writers have a special freedom to “explore and attend the whole drama of human life”. It is a testament to the talent and travails of these students, that anyone who glances at Hermes will quickly realise that this lofty notion has been captured, exquisitely in their 110–page literary gem.

For its exemplary literary pieces, and flashes of Jazz Age imagery, I cannot recommend obtaining a copy of Hermes 2012 highly enough. Brought to you by your USU, editions of Hermes are available free from the Access Desk in Manning, and from the Verge Gallery in Jane Foss Russell Plaza. 

Kind regards,

Zachary Thompson
Honorary Secretary

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