28 November 2012

Final AA Recommendations

At the November meeting of the USU Board of the Directors, the amended Affirmative Action Review 2012 will be presented to the Board and the full list of recommendations within will be voted on by the Board. These recommendations have been formulated out of the internal research conducted as part of the Review, student submissions and the Affirmative Action Consultation Forum held at the end of Semester 2. The full list of recommendations to be voted on are as follows:

Recommendation (1): That this amended version of the Affirmative Action Review 2012 be accepted by the Board.
Recommendation (2): That the Board recognises the continued need for the Affirmative Action policy outlined in Section 10.2c of the USU Constitution and will uphold and endorse this policy as part of the USU’s commitment to ensuring women are actively participating as leaders within the USU.   

Recommendation (3): The Board recommends that another review of the Affirmative Action policies for Board directors be undertaken in 2016, ten years after the policy’s initial implementation.        
Recommendation (4): That the USU maintains the Affirmative Action provisions that already exist within the recruitment process for student leadership positions.
Recommendation (5): That the USU investigates strategies to increase female participation across the organisation, including (but not limited to) the introduction of further Affirmative Action provisions across student leadership positions that do not already have such provisions.
Recommendation (6): That the positions of Queer Coordinator, Charity Officer and Humanitarian Week Director be closely monitored during the next Affirmative Action Review.

Recommendation (7): That the USU strives to collect data surrounding female participation within the Clubs & Societies program, and the amounts of females who apply for and are appointed to Student Leadership Positions.
Recommendation (8): That the USU focuses upon forming a strategy of recruitment to attract more female applicants for the position of Women’s Coordinator and C&S Committee Members
Recommendation (9): That the USU develops processes for dealing with an inability to apply Affirmative Action.
Recommendation (10): That the USU develops procedure for implementation of Affirmative Action in student recruitment discussions.
Recommendation (11): That the USU develops a plan aimed at celebrating women’s participation in the USU community.
Recommendation (12): That the USU develops a plan for structurally encouraging women’s involvement throughout the students programs.
Recommendation (13): That the Electoral Committee, Programs Department and Marketing Department take this Communications Review into consideration when marketing and promoting the 2013 Union Board Elections.
Recommendation (14): That the Communications Working Party and Women's Portfolio develop a Comprehensive Communication Strategy around women's leadership and our Affirmative Action practices to utilize USU communication channels to be implemented in marketing. This will be done in conjunction with the Women’s Officers of the SRC and other relevant and interested parties.
Recommendation (15): That the USU endeavours to provide regular opportunities for women to network with and receive mentoring from female leaders within the USU community.  These regular networking and mentoring events would be organised by the Women’s Event Co-ordinator in conjunction with the Women’s Portfolio Holder.
Recommendation (16): That female representatives from the USU, together with the SRC, SUSF, Colleges, the University and other interested parties engage in regular dialogue about issues facing women on campus and collectively formulate ways to address these issues.
Recommendations (17): That the USU recommends affirmative action provisions be included in the C&S Model Constitution on an opt-out basis, where Clubs or Societies choosing not to adopt this Model Constitution must otherwise demonstrate their commitment to equity for women and women’s representation in other ways. The Clubs and Societies Committee would be responsible for formulating and implementing this recommendation.

The President of the USU and the Women's Portfolio Holder will be holding an informal open-door discussion this Thursday (29/11/2012) at 10-11 am in The Board Office, Level 5 Holme Building, for members to discuss any aspect of these recommendations with us before the Board meeting on Friday. Members can also feel free to email the Women's Portfolio Holder Hannah Morris a th.morris@usu.usyd.edu.au with any further questions or concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Board of Directors
University of Sydney Union

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