06 November 2012

Summary: October Board Meeting

Last month's Board meeting saw a number of important decisions and some great reports from the USU departments. Here's what's happening:

Environment Portfolio

The Environment Portfolio was created and approved. Brought to Board by Tom Raue, the Portfolio will seek to oversee the environmental practices of the USU within all its functions.  The Portfolio will be held for the next year by Tom, who will be looking into the best ways to incorporate and investigate environmental best practice. If you want to get involved in the work of the Environment Portfolio contact Tom at t.rau@usu.usyd.edu.au 

AA Review

The AA Review was accepted by the Board as the 2012 annual review and the first step in a consultation process with staff and students around AA within the USU. The Review considered a number of different areas of AA including clubs and societies, Board membership, student leadership positions and women's mentoring. If you want to find out more about the review and give your thoughts on AA within the USU you can read more here http://share.pdfonline.com/af44f01b180c45308858a4fcc0aa4412/USU%202012%20Affirmative%20Action%20Consultative%20Paper%20final.pdf and contact h.morris@usu.usyd.edu.au to share your thoughts.

SCASS USU Art Gallery Working Party 

The formation of a Working Party between the USU and the Sydney College of the Arts Student Society was approved to continue collaboration discussions. The working party aims to look at the opportunities for students in curatorship, installation and extra curricular study. The working party will be made up of a mixture of USU students and staff, SCASS representatives and SCA representatives. 

What's going on in the departments….
  • There's a promotion of $2 coffees during Exams at our USU Coffee Carts from 8-10am! (Comm/Ops)
  • We're letting students know about our new coffee blend; starting in 2013 we will be using Rainforest Alliance blend. (Communications)
  • The tender process is continuing for our new website.
  • Verge was a huge hit! The dome went off and student programs is exhausted.
  • C&S celebrated another great year at the C&S awards
  • Hermes 2012 has been launched
  • The USU is undertaking D&M Market research to find out more about what students want. Join the USU Hub to get involved!
  • The Holme Redevelopment Project is well underway, students should expect to see changes from as early as semester 1, 2013
  • Our student leadership positions for 2012 have been filled
  • Plans for O Week 2012 (stalls, set up, events, sponsors) are well underway.  Directed by students Kristy Samal and Robby Magyer the theme is "Down the Rabbit Hole"! 

Board meetings are open for all USU members to attend. The next Board meeting will be held Friday 30th November.

That's a wrap up of your USU in October. If you want any more information or to get involved get in touch president@usu.usyd.edu.au.

Brigid Dixon
Vice President


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