24 April 2013

April USU Board Meeting

The next USU’s Board of Directors meeting will be held on Friday, 26 April at 1pm in the Holme Sutherland Room on Level 4, Holme Building. 

As always, the meeting will see a number of important matters discussed by Board and USU departments.

Agenda Overview

1.    Meeting Opening

2.    Meeting Administration
2.2 Open Question Time: USU members may speak to the USU Board regarding issues or concerns
2.3.1 Governance Working Party Report: Social Responsibility Policy Amendment 

3.    Matters for Decision
3.3.2 USU Markets - Headdress Update
3.3.3 USU and the Indigenous Community

4.    Matters for Discussion 
Reports from the USU Departments
Reports from the Board Executive

5.    Matters for Noting
Reports from Board Working Parties

Don't forget to bring along your Access Card to attend the meeting. If you would like any more information or wish to speak at Open Question Time, please get in touch with the USU President: president@usu.usyd.edu.au.

See you there!

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