10 May 2013

Your USU, Your Board – Make your voice heard

The USU Board is holding an open Members Forum next Thursday, 16th of May at 6pm in the Holme Student Lounge.


As part of efforts to further increase the USU’s industry-leading transparency and accountability measures the USU board invites all members to attend a student forum where they will have the opportunity to engage with the board directors on any relevant matters of interest.

At present the following topics are up for discussion:
  • Free ACCESS membership update - Astha Rajvanshi
  • Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) - Astha Rajvanshi 
  • Complaints Process - Brigid Dixon
  • Social Responsibility Policy - Tom Raue
  • Election Grants - Rhys Pogonoski and John Harding-Easson

If you want to contribute:

To ensure your concerns are addressed, please post the up the issues that matter most to you on the USU's Facebook Event or by emailing Astha at president@usu.usyd.edu.au, and we'll be sure to add the most popular topics to the agenda.

If you can’t make it:

That’s OK. There are plenty of other ways to engage:
          Attend our open board meetings (advertised here)
          Engage with the USU on twitter (@USUAccess; @USUBoard)
          Follow USU news in The Bull
          Follow USU news on this blog.

Don't forget to bring your Access Card for entry. Refreshments will be provided from 7pm.

Hope to see you there!

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