20 May 2014

Emergency National Day of Action - Wednesday 21st May

The National Union of Students (NUS) has called an emergency Day of Action to protest the damaging changes to tertiary education outlined in the Federal Liberal Government's Budget, which was released on the 13th May. The proposed changes will impact students starting, or still studying at university in 2016.
The Government's intention to deregulate Australia's university system and adopt a US-style university fee structure will inevitably involve fee increases that could potentially add tens of thousands of dollars to our university debts. This will also see some high school students deciding against higher education due to the high costs involved. In particular, these changes will see a dramatic decrease in students from low-SES backgrounds attending university, making tertiary education a benefit for the elite and privileged.
Education in Australia should be accessible and affordable for everyone – no exception. The Government's proposal to corporatise universities is abominable and shortsighted. This budget directly attacks much of what we hold dear in Australia.
The University of Sydney Union Board of Directors rejects this agenda and encourages you to attend the emergency rally to protest the budget and the Federal Liberal Government's plan for education in Australia.
Join us at the rally and stand up for your education!

Robby Magyar
Board Director

Have questions or are concerned about fee increases? Contact Eleanor Morley and Riddah Hassan: education.officers@src.usyd.edu.au​

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