20 May 2014

Violence on Campus

As the Women's Portfolio Holder of the USU I would like to address the issue of violence against women at the Julie Bishop protest yesterday on campus.

Videos of yesterday's protest show some very violent scenes. There are students being pushed and assaulted by police and security as well as retaliation from students. Among these students are many women, and the target of the protest, Julie Bishop, is also a woman.

The right to protest is incredibly important, and in light of the recent budget attacks against students protesting is needed to send a strong message to the federal government. However it is unfortunate to see such brutal examples of violence on campus in response to such a protest, and it is something that the USU does not condone of in anyway.

67% of women-identifying students already feel unsafe on their university campus at one point or another, and these violent displays do nothing but contribute to that number. It is our job as a student organisation to provide a safe university experience and it is the job of the authorities to enforce that safe environment, not work against it.

Violence against anyone (whether it be a student, or not; a woman, or any other gender) is unacceptable, and the USU does not approve of it.

Eve Radunz
Women's Portfolio Holder

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