30 August 2014


The 11th Speaker on Monday’s ‘Town Hall in the Great Hall’ discussion on fee regulation declared:

“Opponents [of deregulation]… have no problem with student money being used to hold a ‘radical sex week.’” http://honisoit.com/2014/08/live-blog-town-hall-meeting-at-the-great-hall/

Credit: Alexandra Mildenhall
While I dispute that opponents of fee deregulation have bizarrely united to support the USU’s Radical Sex and Consent Day, they (nay, all students!) undoubtedly should.

Radical Sex and Consent Day encourages the re-learning of the abysmal Sex Education taught in school. Unlike your year 10 Health Class, RSCD will acknowledge that sex is about more than ‘not having it,' STIs, and avoiding pregnancy. It aims to educate students on classroom silences like queer sex, kink and the female orgasm (spoiler alert: it exists).

But more than vulva puppets and blindfolded lube tasting, Radical Sex and Consent Day is about starting a conversation. A conversation that seeks to normalise students speaking about sex, personal boundaries, and seeking active consent. 

Credit: Liam Carrigan
People have commented to me in the past week that the proposition on the RSCD T-Shirts ‘you don’t owe sex to anyone’ isn’t very radical. However, even in our progressive campus bubble, unwanted sexual behavior is commonplace.

At the USU Board Election Soapbox this year a candidate was heckled about her appearance before she could even begin speaking about her policies. Non-consensual waist touching is commonplace when students speak to each other at Manning and Hermann’s. Earlier this week a tutor of mine asked my class if a lawyer could argue a wom*n consented to sex if she was ‘dressed like a prostitute.’ As if that was something that was ever okay to posit, even in the hypothetical.

Even more telling is that while wearing the RSCD shirt a member of the organising team was catcalled on King-Street: “You owe sex to me love!”

If Radical Sex and Consent Day isn’t worth student money then please tell me what is.

Vice-President / Director of Radical Sex and Consent Day

You can read about the full line up for Radical Sex and Consent Day here:


  1. I am so so sorry to hear about the catcalling victim, that's so disappointing. I hope that interaction, though painful, has spurred on everyone's determination - Madison M x

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