03 October 2014


Is it how we express the intricacies that define our individuality? Is it embracing the thrilling, indescribable rush you feel as you step out from the crowd? Or is it simply rejecting the accepted norm or standard?

The USU wants to see every student depart from the established course during the biggest arts festival on any University campus – Verge is finally here and it’s going to blow you away.

Kate is excited to DEVIATE!
A LightHaus Opening Party that lets students decorate themselves and each other with neon paint. Australia’s greatest bogan folktale explodes onto stage in ‘Schapelle! The Musical’.

The campus is transformed into a zombie apocalypse for Zedtown: Darkness Falls. Game of Thrones Trivia. The Great USyd Cake-Off. A makeshift arcade. Drag on Campus. Silent Discos.

The list is endless. Our Verge Directors have managed to assemble a jam-packed two weeks that will leave every student making some difficult choices. Forget my degree – even if I fail this semester I couldn’t live with myself if I missed a chance to Lip-Sync for my Life in Manning!

2014 Verge Directors, Kate Spira and Thomas Murphy
 Toby Brennan, a former USU President ran for Board promising to provide Sydney University with its very own arts and culture festival. Now in its twelfth year, Verge has dwarfed expectations and is our most keenly anticipated event for very good reason. I still remember the massive party dome next to the quad last years Directors created, which kept campus going into the wee hours. 

At the end of the day, this festival is all about celebrating the incredible creative arts community we have fostered on campus. As Verge director Thomas explains: “We wanted to ‘deviate’ in terms of the way people think about the arts on campus and that’s why we have encouraged more original student art.”
Our blonde Directors are excited!
At the very least I eagerly await my chance to heckle fellow Board Director/recent campaigning opponent Alisha Aitken-Radburn as she makes her questionable debut as Rene Lawrence.

Please join me and remember to deviate,


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