11 July 2011

Board Induction

It all begins!

Amongst tweaking our timetables, re-watching our favourite television series and anticipating the final instalment of Harry Potter your Board has been officially inducted! Like the eager first years that we are we were shipped across the Great Lake for our full introduction to the ins and outs of the USU. Sadly there was no Sorting Hat – of course we would all be Gryffindor anyway – there was instead a meeting of minds and discussion of ideas as your Board Directors and Staff Directors came together to reflect and plan for the upcoming year.

Our very own groundskeeper Hagrid (Les Wark, Director of Facilities) took us through the extent of our student spaces. Whether you’re an International Student’s Lounge regular, Mayor of the Courtyard Cafe or simply enjoy a quiet read of Bull Magazine on the carpeted bit in Third Level Manning, these are the spaces that allow students to really feel at home while studying at Sydney Uni. Madame Rosmerta (Peter Underwood, Director of Operations) filled us in on how the steady flow of Butterbeer is delivered (quick fact: did you know the highest selling item at our USU outlets is a regular coffee – and you can tell when exams are on because the number increases!) while Professor McGonagall (Sandra Hardy, Director of Human Resources) ran through the employment policies of the Union (which hires at least 15% students – ensuring that our Union truly is student-run). Professor Trelawney (Rosemary Marin, Director of Marketing) reported back on the latest trends in Facebook, Twitter and tea leaf predictions starting what will be a really great year for communication between the organisation and its members at the USU. With all newly elected Directors running on campaign policies of more open communication and greater online presence the work and research of the Marketing department is now more important than ever - think more frequent blogs, twitter and enchanted coins.

Finally, the ever ‘charming’ Professor Flitwick (Al Cowie, Director of Student Programs) ran a workshop on forthcoming policy and student programs possibilities. With more students than ever voting in this year’s election a clear mandate has been set for the Directors to remember the policies that students responded to, and attempt to integrate this into our Union. As the new Board came together to consider strategy and projects for the year it was these policies that drove discussion. Of course the conversation doesn’t stop once the votes are in – there will be plenty of opportunities to speak with us  have input on new ideas and keep up to speed on the latest happenings. There's a comment box below!

Travelling back from Induction I flicked into my Facebook only to find an invitation from our very own Fred and George Weasley (Tom Walker and Harriet Gillies, Verge Festival Directors) who are planning to place 10 Shipping Containers on Eastern Avenue for the Festival, offering artists a unique opportunity to show their creativity on campus! This of course is after our first week back Welcome Feast (Re-O Day) on Wednesday 27 July (om nom nom)!

Some could say its magic.... I reckon it’s just your Union! Enjoy the rest of your holidays and I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Brigid Dixon (Hermione Granger, yeah I went there... it’s my blog post!)
Board Director

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  1. This is hilarious!!!!! Brigid, you're great!!