18 July 2011

C&S Conference, Award Nominations


Ladies and Gents of the Clubs and Societies fraternity, I’m excited. I’ve dusted off my coconut bra and re-weaved my grass skirt. Why you ask?

This week is the C&S Conference.

A conference? In the holidays?

Don’t shudder execs, this is a really good opportunity to ensure your clubs and societies thrive into perpetuity. Angela Vogiatsoglou and her crackin’ C&S team have organised this two day event for C&S execs on Monday and Thursday (18, 21 July). On the agenda is a run-through of the Orion system that was put in place in 2007 to streamline the entire C&S programme. In short, Orion works two ways. It is the one-stop-interwebs-shop for all forms, contacts, regs and details any fledgling exec could ever want. Want to throw a party? Get the form off Orion. Room-hire? Orion. Access funding? Orion. Email C&S? Yep…Orion.

Honorary Secretary Jacqui Munro presents the Presidents Training Session.

Conversely, the programme enables the C&S office to contact you, see how active your club has been, record correspondence (the whole ‘Soz C&S staff, I didn’t get that email’ just ain’t gonna cut it anymore) and so on. For execs, Orion is the ultimate administrative go-to device and for Angela’s C&S squad it’s the latest in club management technology. Orion is one of the gems that the C&S conference will focus on. It is also a brilliant opportunity to gain some pearls of wisdom from other club execs. Learn the secret to hosting the best, or most lucrative event. What you learn may lead to your club picking up a gong at this year’s C&S Awards night!

Hui Xiang, President of Unimates, reads the C&S Handbook 2011.

Fiona Adams, C&S Auditor, presents the Treasurers Training Session.

So why all Hawaiian? On Thursday the 13th of October, we’re throwing a LUAU party for the Annual C&S Awards! Tiki men, hula-hooping Hawaiian dancers, sunburnt tourists, surfer-dudes, a volcano or two and maybe even a tribal sacrifice. Or not. Either way the freaky-tiki C&S Awards night will be off the chain, with a host of awards and prizes on offer. Nominations for the big kahunas close September 16th. By kahuna I mean:

Best Club with more than 100 Members
Best Club with 100 Members or fewer
Best Executive
Best Faculty or Affiliated Site Society
Best New Club
Best Marketing
• Website
Best Involvement in a USU Event
Best Major Event
Best Non-Major Event
Best Joint Major Event
Best Joint Non-Major Event

If zeal for club bragging rights isn’t stirring inside you yet, these prizes are incentivised with cold hard cash too. Larry Emder will also be the Master of Ceremonies* so come on, don a lei, grab a pina colada and… go to the C&S conference. Then get your noms in and join us in October for the C&S Awards night!**

See you there!

Zachary Thompson
Board Director

*Larry Emder will not be the MC.
**Likelihood of James Flynn in speedos: 72.4%.

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