28 August 2011

Get your Verge on!

It’s that time of year again.  No, not midterms. IT’S ONE MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN THAT! Verge Festival kicks of THIS Wednesday and, for a week and a half, it will amazeballs you. Does that even make sense? Wow…. Too much excitement right now to make coherent sentences.

To feel a little bit of what I’m feelings, here’s a preview of some of the many activities Verge has on offer…..

Opening Night with Major Raiser – Wednesday 31 August

To kick things off, USU has teamed up with Major Raiser (a group all about promoting social justice through a good time) to provide you with a cracking line-up!  Come listen to the amazing sounds of:

To get the emotional juices flowing, check out a preview of Boats of Berlin here (mostly to see how the second guy from the end looks like Vinnie Jones).

Harry Potter Trivia – Tuesday 6 September

Ever pretended like you were at Hogwarts when you walked to class? Pft, who hasn’t! Here’s a legitimate excuse to don your Voldemort/Golden Snitch/obscure character (read Indie) costume at university without judgment. Come join us at the Harry Potter Trivia night!

Oh...and whoever said Ron was fat:

Sunset Screenings – EVERY NIGHT!

You know that girl you’ve been making eyes at in your gender studies tute (because we all know why you picked that subject)? Ever wished there was the perfect first date just steps away from class? Well you’re in luck! Movies will be screening for FREE every night in the Verge tent, and you can even grab a beer while you’re there. Thank you USU – providing a new sort of Gold Class.

Theatre Sports: Old School vs. New School – Wednesday 7 September

Here it comes!
Yes, ladies and gents, you heard it right. It’s the ULTIMATE THEATRE SPORTS. Come cheer for some old pros or the new young guns – wherever your allegiance falls. Or just laugh your socks off! And if I haven’t won you over, laughing boosts your immune system, lowers your blood pressure and helps you lose weights (…perhaps Ron should come along).

That’s not even going into Kanye the Musical, Injection Room (is it what you think it is? … better go check it out), Manning 11th Birthday and so much more!

It’s going to be pretty grand. Join us for the craic and get your Verge on!

Nai Brooks
Board Director

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