15 August 2011

What is Humanitarianism?

Humanitarianism is the act of kindness, ethical responsibility or aid to another human being or animal. It is a concept that implies that each human being has a responisibility to care in an ethical way for other living beings.

Humanitarian week is run by the USU to help raise this awareness though a five-day festival that encompasses all the humanitarian and social justice related clubs on campus. Run by Kristy Samal and Cathy Tran this year there are a variety of events that attempt to get everyone on campus engaged and inspired around Humanitarian clubs and activities. Most of all, to have fun in the process! 

A couple of exciting examples is the special Tuesday Talks on Sex Trafficking at 1pm in Manning Bar. Wednesday will see JFR plaza transformed into the Global Poverty Project in a bid to understand poverty and the ways we can make a difference to world poverty. On Thursday you can exchange your clothes in Isabel Fidler from 12-2. And don'’t forget the Wrap Up party in Hermann'’s Bar on the Friday evening.

Take the chance to learn a bit more about the world around you and to engage in these clubs that are passionate about Social Justice. Humanitarian Week helps bringing the world to you in a fun and inspiring festival that will last so much longer than the week.

Vivienne Moxham-Hall
Board Director

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