01 August 2011


Welcome back friends!

One week of university down and twelve to go. And what a great week it was with Re-O Day 2011, by far the best mid-year orientation week ever run by the union! If you didn't get a chance to sign up to the Clubs and Societies of your choice then make sure to have a look through the list at USU online.

For all of you that partied the first week away, we have good news, and for all of you who had a docile week learning about their unit of study outlines, we have even better news… this thursday is Snowball!
Being one of the social highlights of the year, it's a great opportunity to party on before you get into some serious study.

Snowball is one of our champion parties that takes over Manning with a range of awesome acts that party through the night, 8pm to 2am. It is a big deal of a party, more than 1000 people attend every year with tickets selling out well before thursday!

Line Up

This years extensive lineup includes both domestic and international acts. For a brief look at what you're going to hear:

Jinja Safari - they draw from "afropop rhythms, (and) tumbling island guitar" to create african-inspired "dreamy folk pop, with a melodic richness comparable to acts like Sufjan Stevens, Animal Collective and Sigur Ros.

Naysayer & Gilsun - Naysayer and Gilsun deliver an eye full of everything from nostalgic pop culture references, interwebz memes, psychedelic visuals and cult scenes. They mix and merge them to draw links between electronic beats, party music and hypermedia.

Mitzi - Mitzi comply with a classic pop sensibility. Entwined by a backdrop of moving disco beats, syncopated guitar and capturing bass grooves lies the Mitzi sound, smooth, laidback vocals and a vintage analog warmth.

Rufus - RÜFÜS combine a love for electronica and indie to create a sound that makes you want to hear them live in a dark club, sharing sweat molecules with the person swaying along beside you. A combination of live instruments and electronic production bring on comparisons of Cut Copy and Midnight Juggernauts but it’s their own unique sound that makes you stand up and take notice.

Tom Loud - Head West of Springsteen and bear due South of Leonard Cohen till you're so close to Lucinda Williams that you're not allowed to date and you have found Tom Loud. Drinking and dancing tunes of true love and bloody murder.

Beat The System:  Beat The System is a USU brainchild. It is a club and society that provides the opportunities to perform from the best of Sydney's sprawling music scene.

Beat The System will have their own stage in manning featuring up-and-coming local acts including Super Florence Jam, Rockets, The Walking Who, and Conics. Meanwhile, Will Styles and MC Haley Boa, Gabriel Clouston, Nic Scali, Slow Blow DJ’s and George Reed will be spinning on the disco and Dubstep stage.

Ticket Purchase

Make sure to get in early for these ticks because Snowball is always sold out by the night. It will be the greatest opportunity to dance your way out of the winter chills before uni gets going so make sure you're there! You can get your tickets at the ACCESS Desk on level 1 of Manning (just off Manning Rd) or online here.

See you Thursday evening!

James Flynn
Board Director

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