04 October 2011

Are You With Us?

Are You With Us is away! In the twilight of 2011, the USU and SRC campaigns are over. But there's still one group of students who are out, wearing t-shirts, postering and having a rant. Though this time it's different.

'Are you with us' is about spreading awareness of what the Union does. In a nutshell it has 13,000 student members and 200 passionate staff devoted to creating the halcyon days of your tertiary education. It's also the last remaining Australian student Union that is independent of University control and run by students. That's the way the 'Are you with us' peeps like it, and it shows - the National Union of Students consistently report that the USU provides Austraila's best student experience. That's the country's largest Clubs & Societies programme, two bars, Hermann's and Manning, an epic Revues season, ace events like Verge and O-Week, mint publications, the world's best debaters and a plethora of places to fill your tummies and have a yarn.  

The Union exists for your student experience and that's what the 'Are you with us' mob are out to make known. They're not pedalling a political persuasion, nor scrambling for your vote. They're the students who are impassioned by the work the Union does to enrich the time you spend in between lectures and tutes. So when you see someone in an 'Are you with us' shirt walking by, know that they're with their Union. Know that they value the work the Union does to keep their student life rocking.

Still foggy? Then check out this toe tappin' video:

So, are you with us?

Show your support by liking the facebook page at: facebook.com/areUwithus. Also, come along to the campaign launch at Hermanns' this Thursday at 3.30. Grab a shirt, chow down on some free food and drink (you know it tastes better) and get merry with the 'Are you with us' crowd.

Are You With Us Launch Party
When: 3.30PM, Thursday
Where: Hermanns' Bar
Cost: FREE
Food and drink provided with ACCESS
Zachary Thompson
Vice President

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