17 October 2011

End of Semester Carnival TOMORROW!

With Week 12 already here and exams and assignments looming over our heads, every student studying in the dark and lonely corridors of Fisher Library will be gazing out the window, day-dreaming about the good old times when they could soak up the sun and enjoy hanging out with friends on the front lawns.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a carnival tomorrow, full of colourful balloons and giant bubbles, yummy treats like fairy floss, ice cream and candy, some groovy tunes and blasting beats, and.. FREE RIDES?”

You bet your 45% weighted essay it would be!

That’s why Campus Culture Directors, Milla McPhee and Ashleigh Morse have worked their socks off to bring to you, the End of Semester CARNIVAL, Tuesday 10am- 3pm at the University of Sydney Front Lawns!  So bring yourself and your mates, and don’t miss out on some fun times before you return to memorising those text books because well... us poor, hard-working university students deserve it!

Brought to you (with love) by Your USU Campus Culture Directors.

Astha Rajvanshi
Board Director


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