07 October 2011

Last week for USYD Senate elections!

Are you an undergrad, post-grad, part-time, full-time, international or local student?

You are!? Thank goodness, because you're eligible to vote in the University of Sydney Senate elections.The students who are elected will sit amongst a group of academics, administrators and prominent community figures for the next 12 months.

The Senate is the highest decision-making body at the University, what they decide affects your degree and could change your Sydney Uni experience. More importantly, the Senate has two positions for students, one undergraduate and one post-graduate, so the voice of both student groups can be heard at the top. A uni-wide lunchbreak? Trimesters? PCs or Macs in the computer labs? The Senate addresses a plethora of University issues and your student representatives weigh in on the vote. It is through them that you can weigh in on the debate too, ensuring consultation and accountability. Power!

This is how important the Senate is, in the University’s words:

“The University of Sydney Senate oversees all major decisions concerning the conduct of the University, including staff appointments and welfare, student welfare and discipline, financial matters and the physical and academic development of the University.”

The USU is a major advocate for student representation, and we’re passionate about having your questions, criticisms and opinions heard on Senate. It's especially important for us to have student voices on the Senate given that it is the University of Sydney Senate that will ultimately be making a decision about the current USU/University negotiations. 

The Senate is a big deal. Have your say. Please read all the candidates' statements to make sure you cast an informed vote. It takes two minutes of your time and is completely online when you click here. Polls close at 4pm on 11 October.

Zac Thompson & Jacqui Munro
Vice President & Hon. Secretary

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