03 August 2012

A Week in the Life of a BD

The first week of semester is always one to look forward to: introductory lectures are short, compulsory tutorials haven’t started and there are always friends to catch up with!

In light of this, I may have missed the first half of the week because the snow at Thredbo was too good to resist and I may have missed the rest of my lectures because catching up with friends over Cider Jugs at Hermann’s was also too good to turn down. So whilst I had a rather unsuccessful first week back at uni (academically speaking), I did manage to fit in an assortment of USU activities!

Re-O Day
Ok, so I missed this one due to a fresh snowstorm, but I heard reviews and saw photographic evidence that the Mechanical Bull proved a massive hit on Eastern Ave, C&S received a new wave of keen students signing up for Semester 2 and you successfully ate your way through the International Food Fair lunch! Massive props to Mark Agbuya and Eleanor Gordan-Smith for winning best times on the Mechanical Bull!

Verge Gallery Exhibition
On Thursday night I went to the opening night of Verge Gallery’s latest exhibition, ‘What I Said Yesterday: narratives of childhood’. For nearly three years I have wandered past the Verge Gallery in my efforts to get from one side of City Rd to the other and yet this was the first occasion I had ventured inside to see an exhibition. The gallery is described in the catalogue as being transformed into “an oversized cubby house” designed to unleash your inner child through the variety of photos, videos, installations and performances. This description was spot on (minus the free alcohol flowing from the bar – which you hopefully wouldn’t find in a cubby house) and I walked around reminiscing about the pony that I had always wanted growing up. 

A highlight of the show was Nina Dorabialski’s minimalist artwork, an installation that presented bedroom furniture surrounded by the entire contents of a wardrobe scattered on the floor. The audience was encouraged to rummage through the collection of clothes, shoes, jewelry and vintage objects, taking what they pleased. A certain board director was unsuccessful in their quest to find the rumoured film camera buried amongst the mess, if you do find it, let us know!

All in all, the exhibition was fantastic and it certainly won’t be the last time I stop to enter the Gallery! I highly recommend that you take the time to go and see it. The show runs from August 3-10, Mon-Fri 10am-5pm.

Innovation Working Party (IWP) Meeting
On Friday Morning I attended my first Innovation Working Party meeting with USU CEO Andrew Woodward, Director of Student Programmes Alistair Cowie, Director of Sales and Marketing Rosemary Marin, Honorary Treasurer Rhys Pogonoski and fellow Board Director Mina Nada (John and Karen couldn’t make it). The IWP is responsible for overseeing the implementation of new ideas and positive changes to all areas of the USU. Although I can’t currently give away too much detail, keep your eyes and ears open for some exciting upcoming projects!

I hope your first week back at uni was as exciting, enjoyable and productive as mine!

Sophie Stanton
Board Director

P.S. I promise I’ll start going to class next week!

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