24 August 2012

The New USU Women's Room

This week kicked off with the launch of the new Women’s Room space in the Manning Building. Complete with cake pops, drinks and nibbles the launch was a chance for women of the USU to take a peek and introduce themselves to the new space. Moved from the basement level of the Holme Building the women’s room is now located on the middle level of Manning.

Over the past few years a number of concerns were raised about the Women’s Room space and earlier this year past Board Director Nai Brooks began to look at better options. In its new form the Women’s Room aimed to meet concerns over access, centrality of location, phone reception, light and continued use. During the review process student programs, HR, facilities and operations all sought to better accommodate the requirements of the room and the feedback from the student community. The result is a bright, friendly space in the historic home of the Women’s Union (Manning).

As an autonomous space for women on campus the room offers an area for women to use for quiet study, breastfeeding, meetings and women’s events.  Importantly it follows recommendations from the Women’s Department of the National Union of Students and is one part of a larger program to ensure women’s safety and comfort on campus. Furthermore it is just one of the many ‘student space’ related changes we have seen in the USU this year, following on from the development of the Student Lounge and Studio B. These are important changes that reflect years of the USU understanding the importance of having ‘somewhere to go’ in between classes and a place to ‘just be’ on campus.

The launch was a great event to celebrate the move and continue discussions of women within our USU community. As ever we are looking for ways to add to the room to ensure the space evolves and meets your needs. You can let Board Director and Women’s Portfolio holder Hannah Morris know any thoughts or suggestions you might have at H.Morris@usu.usyd.edu.au

So maybe you have never used the women’s room, maybe you’re an old hat but the next time you’re passing through Manning, ladies of the USU we invite you to check out your new space to sit, read, eat, write, talk, daydream… 

You can also keep up to date with the Women of the USU: https://www.facebook.com/WomenoftheUSU

Brigid Dixon 
Vice President 

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