31 August 2012

Censure Motion Passed

Today, in Board’s August meeting, it was voted by majority to pass the Censure Motion regarding USU Board Director, Tom Raue. The motion was recommended following several breaches of the USU’s Constitution, Regulations and Director’s Duty statements. For more info on this, see previous post. 

The Censure Motion will be marked on Tom Raue’s official USU record.  This action will not necessarily result in his removal from the Board. However, if future actions by Tom Raue are found to be in breach of our Constitution and Regulations, it could result in such an action being taken.


  1. What happens if Tom Raue is removed from the Board?

  2. Good - the last thing we need is a Director who flaunts the fact he is a degenerate.


  3. No, the last thig we need is a union board who ignores what it's student base wants.

  4. I really would have preferred more information to be released about this incident, I mean saying that he posted remarks that was in disagreement with the contract that all directors sign tells us nothing...

    1. I think going to the meeting might have made it clearer- I'm sure Honi will run something on it this week so we could check that too.

      Personally I don't think the board ought to have publicized it at all, isn't this just a matter for the board... A private censure. Not a public thing.

  5. The students elected him in. We should have the say in whether or not he is removed. Not a bunch of CV stacking 'its whats best for the union' policy cop outs that show up to meetings 'suited up' with the objective to try avenge their hurt pride. Obviously they have no real understanding of what's 'the best for the union' because they have simultaneously isolated Tom and the diversity of the student base he represented.
    The point of the union board is not to be unanimous- its to be diverse.
    I wish Tom the best of luck. He clearly has a difficult and compromising time ahead of him.

  6. Annie I had no idea you wrote that! Amazing.